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June 2018:

Dandelion Time Charity Project - this project involved installation of the water pipe to give running water to Yurt encampment. This enables delivery of Therapeutic programme directly from the Yurt encampment. The works were valued at circa £5000, which equates to the cost of putting two children and their families through Dandelion Time therapeutic programme. Steadline's team is very happy to be part of such a great charity cause.

February 2018:

Maidstone Subway - this project involved a complete refurbishment of the subway at Broadway in Maidstone. The project started in November 2017 and is now near the completion.

January 2018:

Vinters Crematorium for Maidstone Borough Council - the works involve construction of new car parking facilities and extensions to an existing car park for office staff and visitors. Also included in the scheme is installing new surfaces to existing roads and parking areas. These works are of sensitive nature due to the environment and location within the Crematorium.

January 2018:

Following on from the High Knocke scheme's success, Steadline has been engaged to undertake works on the twin culverts that carry the Wantsum River under the Thanet dual carriageway near Herne Bay.

January 2018:

Bushyrough Waterfall, Temple Ewel - This bridge was in poor condition with abutments failing. The scheme was to underpin abutments and cast a new concrete raft invert through the structure. It was very demanding due to heavy ingress of water from all parts of the structure and very limited headroom.

December 2017:

High Knocke Bridge culvert was completed successfully on time and within the budget.

November 2017:

Maidstone subway - complete refurbishment starts.

October 2017:

Widsi Hill progress - Following a removal of silt to bridge culvert at Widsi Hill and a new design to strengthen the bridge culvert, the steel reinforcing is nearly complete.

August 2017:

Steadline is currently undertaking repair works to Teston bridge, that is a Grade 1 listed structure & an ancient monument. Due to a vehicle damage, we are carefully removing, photographing and documenting each individual stone, then rebuilding to its original condition. This will also include some new cut and redressed stone from a local quarry to match existing. The bridge was constructed in the 14th or 15th century and comprises six arches of various heights and widths, the middle three of which span the river. Three of the arches were rebuilt at the beginning of the 19th century and the parapet may also have been rebuilt. The bridge is a Grade I listed building and a scheduled ancient monument. Teston Bridge is built of coursed rag-stone with ashlar capping stones to the parapets. The bridge is narrow, only wide enough to permit traffic to pass in one direction at a time.